• Lena Linnik

Easy Summer Fruit Salad For A Refreshing Treat

Tennessee has hot and some times humid summer days! My family loves fresh fruit! We make smoothies, smoothie bowls, and just eat 'em whole! I love to make salads out of a variety of fruits, I feel like the kiddos eat more fruit that way without even realizing that they just consumed 5-6 different fruits! What mama doesn't want her kids eating more fruit and less candy. We bought some fresh South Carolina peaches that had the most amazing peachy smell and were oh so juicy. Love me a big 'ol juicy peach!

I used:

Two peaches

Two plums

Ten strawberries

A cup of grapes

One banana

I usually make a sweet dressing for the salad but the peaches were so sweet that it really didn't need anything added. To make the dressing just add 1-2 tablespoons of honey (amount of honey depends on how sweet you want it and how big your salad is)

Squeeze half a lemon to the honey and mix! That's it! Its sweet and sour making it the perfect dressing for almost any fruit salad.

What's your favorite summer fruit? We eat watermelon like our lives depend on it! lol This year we have had some of the best watermelons ever. I believe we only got one that was a dud (we ate it anyway) 😂

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