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Comprehensive Camping List

I love camping. I have loved camping ever since I was a kid. My parents loved camping. I mean they really loved camping! We would go camping for two weeks! As an adult I have never camped more then a weekends worth. We don't do glamping, we are old school with tents and no electricity. I love waking up early to the fresh crisp morning air and the blissful quite. Cooking meals out doors over an open fire and staying up late to watch the night sky full of twinkling stars is why I go camping year after year. As a kid we went camping during summer break, that's probably why we stayed for two weeks. As an adult we usually go camping towards the fall not in the summer. I'm sure the geographical location has something to do with our decision. I grew up in Washington state where the summer months were mild and pleasant now living in East Tennessee, the summers are hot and humid with blood thirsty mosquitos swarming all around you! My nephew wanted to celebrate his birthday with a camping trip so we went camping in the very hot month of June.

We packed up all our camping gear including a swimming suit and sunscreen, which I typically leave during our fall camping trips. We stayed at a beautiful campsite from Friday to Sunday. Summer camping definitely has its perks. My favorite was the abundance of fireflies in the evening! They illuminated the night with their dancing fairy like light, it was just magical. I also liked the water activities such as: swimming, kayaking, or boating. The biggest plus was not freezing at night like we usually do in the fall. Although we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, I still prefer fall camping. Fall camping doesn't have the mosquitoes that summers does, hiking is much more enjoyable with temperatures hovering at a reasonable degree, unlike the summer heat. In the fall, camp fires are appreciated that much more and bundling up in layers and huddling close is one of my favorite parts. Whether you prefer summer or fall camping, here is a comprehensive list of items you will need to take with you.

(This list will vary depending on what region you are camping)

First I pack all my personal hygiene items:

Tooth brush

Tooth paste

Mouth wash


Tooth picks

Face wash



Hair brush

shower shoes


Hair accessories like scrunches and hair clips

Then I pack clothes I will need:

Sweaters (depends on the weather)

Swimsuit (depends on the weather)




Underwear + Bra

Diapers (If kids are going)



When I pack items for cooking, I like to first have the menu picked out.(This list will vary depending on what your menu is)

A pot with lid

Tea Kettle

Frying pan






Cutting board


Food to pack. Again, this list will vary on your menu:





Hot dogs


Bread/ buns


Pancake mix (I use the one where only water is needed)





Graham crackers

Drinks (water, soda, coffee, hot chocolate)


Trail mix

Fruit (apples, watermelon, peaches or whatever is in season)

Other essentials:

Tent and tarp


Lighter fluid


Folding chairs

Folding table (if you need extra table space)

Games (Uno, checkers, dominos, sorry, ect)

Coloring book and crayons for kids

Umbrella if the weather turns

A good book

Kayak or Boat

Hiking shoes

Mosquito spray

Sun screen



Blow up mattress

Trash bags

Bear spray (depends on region)

Table cloth

Gas stove


First aid kit

Pain medicine

Bug bite cream

Candles (regular and to keep mosquitos away)


Paper towels

Wood for fires

Binoculars for bird watching

Fishing pole if near water

I'm sure I forgot a thing or two. 📃This list is just some of the basics so adjust to fit your personal situation and happy camping!!

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